My name is Luka [no I'm not a dude], originally from Bucharest, Romania, based in Montreal. Deep, Funky and Tech House are my fave spices. 

If you are wondering about the IMNODJ meaning... is related with the ongoing debate between DJ generations and that of not being considered a DJ if you spin on digital equipment. 
Music is not better because you play it on vinyl or cd's. That is complete bull. When you play on a digital controller it's just another way of playing music. Good music is good music, whatever that is. My task as a Dj is to make people dance, the best way I can, with the best music I got. 
Nowadays I play only on TRAKTOR controllers, that allow me to remix and even produce live, taking my skills to another level, being able to create something that never existed before that moment.

I play at my own events, private and corporate.

Currently working on the "Underground" project in colab with Club Unity Montreal. A series of club nights on given Saturday's that feature underground house music.
Producing is very likely in the near future.

Don't just listen to music... Live it!

Don't just listen to music... Live it!